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Where to meet us:

Arthropod Neuroscience Network (ANN) Spring Meeting 2020,
23–25 March 2020, Sportschule Hennef

Please check out the other Drosophila groups at our institute:
Klämbt lab
Stanewsky lab
Luschnig lab
Schirmeier lab

Brown Bag Lunch

Sebastian is a co-organizer of the weekly Cells-in-Motion Brown Bag Lunch seminar series.

Logo of Jedi Fly Sebastian is a Junior European Drosophila Investigator.


November: The third Rumpf lab graduate: Rafael Krämer defended his PhD thesis - congratulations!
Rumpf lab PhD graduate Rafael


Welcome to new PhD students Marco Marzano, Neele Wolterhoff and Neeraja Sanal, and new technician Ulrike Gigengack!

Svende's paper on microtubule disassembly and Sandra's paper on translation regulation during pruning are published!

August/November 2017:

The first two Rumpf lab PhDs Svende Herzmann and Sandra Rode defend their PhD theses - congratulations!
Rumpf lab PhD graduates Sandra and Svende

April 2017:

We hosted a Drosophila dendrite meeting with the groups of Gaia Tavosanis (Bonn) and Peter Soba (Hamburg).

Events in 2016

Svende’s and Sandra’s Pilot Project applications were funded – Thanks CiM!

August 2016:

Graduation of Ina and Henrike
Sandra went to DNC 2016, Okinawa, Japan

Ina and Henrike graduated. Congratulations!

June 2016:

The Rumpf lab at the EMBO workshop on „Mechanisms of Neuronal Remodeling“ (Kloster Seeon).
Rumpf lab people Kloster Seeon
Svende Herzmann, Rafael Krumkamp, Sebastian Rumpf and Sandra Rode at Kloster Seeon. Photo courtesy of Lukas Neukomm.

March 2016:

Welcome to new Bachelor students Ina Opriel and Henrike Ohm!

February 2016:

We got a Cells-in-Motion Flexible Funds grant for a collaborative project with the Rentmeister lab.